Saturday, 24 November 2018

Latest update

Today I've had to endure yet another test this time involving an upper and lower limb SSEP. This has to be the worse test I've had so far, it involved having sensors stuck to my head and other areas of my body and having my nerves stimulated with electricity this was definitely uncomfortable to measure the time it took from the feet to brain and hands to the brain. The hands were bearable but when they went to do the feet that's where the issues started they had to try and warm my feet up, not sure if anyone else has issues with body temperature but I'm usually feeling cold doesn't matter where I am or what I'm wearing and being winter its a struggle to keep warm. They asked if I could sit still and relax so the test would be quicker that was issue number 2. My legs don't like being still and the more I try and I keep them that way the more they become uncomfortable they become. this set me off for the rest of the day being in some sort of discomfort and with issues with the train line made my day very uncomfortable. with all these tests that I'm being sent for I'm starting to think how long will I continue to play their game how long will I continue to be sent for test which I know won't come up with anything as all others have come back clear, how long before they actually listen and look further in to the condition that I'm already diagnosed with.

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