Monday, 3 December 2018

Doctors update

So today I was lucky enough to get an appointment at the doctors and luckily enough it was with a male even though reception told me there were no male doctors today. So I told him the issues I was having over the weekend and he examined me his reply was that he couldn't see much swelling he also tried telling me my ankles weren't that bad with swelling that's when the research kicked in I explained to him that mine was Primary and that I also knew that there hasn't been very much research done on primary and that GP's aren't given very much training on my condition and although I haven't got very much swelling mine was genetic and my lymphatic system hadn't developed the way it should have. I also pointed out that I can see swelling on my hands and over the course of a week I've put on a stone in weight even though I haven't eaten any more than usual. I also pointed out that I have continued to increase the amount of time I spend in the toilet which could also attribute to more lymph fluid needing to be removed from my body. He asked a few questions then asked why I hadn't gone to see my specialist I replied how can I ask a specialist when I've never actually had one and the nurse I had discharged me 4 years ago as I couldn't wear compression garments any longer. He has told me he will be referring me to another specialist so fingers crossed it isn't long before I see one and in the meantime, it's more research to prepare me for that appointment.


  1. Yay! Positive outcome, let's hope it's not a long wait.

  2. This is brilliant,you had a come back. I'm so proud of you. Keep doing what you're doing x💜