Tuesday, 5 March 2019


Its been a while since I wrote anything but with the warmer weather that seems to be trying to come out and the hope that with the warmer weather comes less discomfort I thought an update was in order. 

March has always been an alright month I get another year wiser and the thought of summer nearing gives me a sense of relief but since I got diagnosed with this condition, 
March also has lymphoedema awareness week where around the world people help share their stories regarding how the condition affects there life.

I'm fortunate to have had the chance to share my story most recently with a company from the UK called pebbleuk.com who have also kindly gifted me a pair of men's stockings these are well-made stitching looks really nice and tight and all round these are well made, I must admit although I fully understand why compression is vital to help manage the condition and once on they feel reasonably comfortable but taken about 20 mins to put them on fighting with a swollen leg to stay still long enough to start them off is a bit frustrating and I'm unsure how comfortable they are going to be once the hot weather really kicks in. I will admit that these are a lot better than the ones I was prescribed with a few years back which makes me wonder why they weren't suggested after I had to stop wearing the thigh-high stocking that I was given. I understand that like everything in the NHS they are tied by who they can get them off which can leave many people feeling frustrated because the alternatives can be pricey and with this condition being chronic and along with other self-care needs, more help needs to be provided to help people manage this condition