Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Latest annoyance

It's been awhile since I did anything on here hadn't really had much to say. I received the latest appointment letter for neurophysiology clinic, now this wouldn't be so frustrating if I hadn't already had different nerve test but this is where the confusion sets in they want me to have the same set of tests done all because the that were done had been done in a different London hospital personally i thought these tests were the same conducted by professionals trained in the same feild.  Now for them to tell me it's just a tingle I had to laugh I've had a few mishaps in kitchens with dodgy equipment and have received a few shocks in my life well none of that had prepared for these tests can't really think of anything worse to be doing but if it's the road to answers then I'm along for the ride. The same appointment it was discovered I've a collapsed vein in my left leg but with no explanation of how it could have come about or how it will and affect the lymphoedema I only got a few questions from the consultant which my answers were no and now I've still not a scooby as to why I've got it and with the curiousity shifting to my right is that what's causing the discomfort in that one. One of my biggest questions is on life itself when did society stop explaining things how do they expect us to understand anything if it isn't explained to us and try explaining something to them and they don't listen, I've been told to continue wearing knee high compression but what they don't understand is knee high ones are pushing more fluid in to an area that also needs compression to help circulate if not the discomfort is unbearable so why inflict more on myself.

So next few months is another waiting game e